You’ve got lips! — environmental public engagement & behaviour change.

A digital campaign helping the Ministry for the Environment encourage everyday NZ’er’s to think about waste, recycling, up-cycling and reusing.

Snapshot from video campaign material “You Got Lips”.

Early in 2019 we worked with the Ministry for the Environment on their waste minimisation programme. Part of this work included a public engagement campaign to encourage NZ’er’s that small changes in habit can have a big impact.

It was hugely successful campaign that resulted in over 9,356 submissions on the reduction of single use plastics and plastic bags. As a result, the ministry wanted to capitalise on this good work. They asked us to help create a short digital campaign for the 2018/19 summer.

Together, we created a seven part series focused around a Kiwi family & friends, revealing their exploits over the summer months. Each video focussed on a simple message that was both entertaining but easy to grasp.

The ideas were intended to demonstrate how little it takes to make change.

Clip #01 “You got lips” Waste Free Summer Campaign
Clip #02 “You gonna rinse that… right?” Waste Free Summer Campaign
Clip #03“Mum, I made this at school…” Waste Free Summer Campaign

View more clips from the campaign on Vimeo.

The result has been a resounding success. There’s been a huge response online from both the public and other environmental organisations, with our family and friends endearing themselves to people not just here in NZ, but abroad too.

We were extremely lucky to find such wonderful talent, who really embodied what felt like genuine and believable characters. It was an extremely fun but frenetic campaign to work on.

The campaign is ongoing with three more videos scheduled to be released. Keep an eye on the Ministry’s Facebook page.

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